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Arts and Industries Room
Room #5


Located on the top floor of the original 1916 building, East Class Room #5, the Arts and Industries Room is named in memory of Ernest “E.A.” Hayes and his niece Martha Hayes. Ernie was known as "Mr. Mt. Pleasant" and sometimes "Mr. Iowa" for his work to benefit the economic and industrial development of Mount Pleasant and the State of Iowa.  Martha was a founding member of Henry County Heritage Trust and it was her dream to have a room in the museum devoted to the varied industries of the county.


As the newest display room in the museum, exhibits are in the planning stage.  For example: Bluebird Bus, Sheaffer Pen, Motorola, Walmart, the Canning Factory, Western Wheel Scraper Company, Mt. Pleasant Bottling Works, the many dairies [Jennings, Kennedy, Fankhauser, etc.], mills, potteries and brickyards of the county will be some of the highlights.


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