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Pat Richenberger
Mona Gates
vice president
Waunita Gibbons
Pat White

Board Members

Our board is comprised of volunteers who serve for a variety of reasons. If you are interested in discovering and preserving the history of Henry County, send us a message through the Contact Us tab on our page.
Sheila Allender
Dave Gates
Ken Vandevoort
David Van Allen
Joe Campbell
Charlene Seggerman.jpg
Charlene Seggerman
Donald Young
Martha Hayes
Terry McNair
David McCoid.jpeg
David McCoid  deceased
Why we do what we do

Mona & Dave Gates ​

Each board member brings different strengths, talents and abilities to the museum. Our reasons for joining are to document, protect and preserve history. We feel HCHT and the Van Allen house promote a Historical experience for Henry County and surrounding areas for present and future generations.

David Van Allen ​

I did not grow up in Henry County, but my father, Maurice Van Allen did, and he drove our family down to Mt. Pleasant, from Iowa City to visit Grandma Van and Uncle George, Aunt Winnie, Nancy, Fred and Lori many times, mostly in the 1950’s, 60’s and early 70’s. I was quite fortunate to have grown up in an extremely distinguished family and I’m proud to represent that family on the board of HCHT. The board consists of several enthusiastic and devoted history buffs and proud Henry County residents. I consider the Henry County museum & the Van Allen house museum to be two of Mt Pleasant’s cultural gems.

Pat White ​

I’ve been a member of the board since 2007- the beginning of the Henry County Heritage Trust. Mount Pleasant and our county have such a wealth of history and it’s so important that the stories of the people, the artifacts and the records of that history be saved and shared. I want to be a part of that continuing process.

Waunita Gibbons ​

I am a Saunders School Alumna, having attended it for grades one through six. It is enjoyable to come here and revisit the rooms and remember so many experiences. Hosting Saturday tours enables me to share this lore and proudly discuss so much history not only of the building, but of my dear hometown, as well.

Sheila Allender ​

I began my involvement with HCHT early as a volunteer performing preparatory tasks of painting and cleaning to convert the first classroom of the Saunders School into a museum with other volunteers. I became a board member in 2012 to assist with the task of fundraising. I enjoy serving on this unified board and assisting in the goals to gather, preserve and display Henry County artifacts as well as preserving both the former Saunders School building and historic Van Allen house.

​Pat Richenberger ​

I joined the Henry County Heritage Trust board to help preserve the past of our ancestors in Henry County. It is important to recognize what all has been accomplished for the life that we have today.

Ken Vandevoort

I was asked to come to a meeting by Don Young and have been here ever since.  My undergraduate degree is Geography and I studied under the late Dr. Harriet Heusinkveld at Central College.  She was also the author of several Iowa books, many of which were in Don Young's personal library.  My approach to history of an area is (1) why did they come here, (2) how did they get here and (3) what did they do after they got here?


Working as volunteers, the board meets monthly to discuss needs, current projects, events and fundraisers for the Henry County Heritage Trust and its various museum buildings and grounds.

Join the board

If you would like more information regarding becoming a board member for HCHT, please feel free to message us through the Contact Us portion of this website and provide us with your contact information. 


To make a monetary donation, please send a check to the address listed at the bottom of this page or contact us to make other arrangements.

If you have a tangible donation of historical significance, please feel free to use the Contact Us portion of our site snd send us a photo and a description of the item(s) and your contact information.

Board Meetings

The board meets monthly in the historic Saunders School building, now the Henry County Heritage Center. Meetings are scheduled according to when members are able to meet together. Most recently, meetings have been held on the fourth Wednesday morning of the month at 10:00, but are subject to change.

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